Golden Tiger Casino Complaints About Not Paying Out

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Many players have listed complaints about Golden Tiger Casino's difficulty with paying out player's winnings. Most online casinos will withhold a player's earnings until the bonus terms and conditions are met, but Golden Tiger Casino has many complaints about not paying out at all. From time complaints to bogus reasons as to why a player wasn't paid, Golden Tiger Casino has dealt with plenty of push back in the past few years from users.

Are these issues with the business model of the casino, or are they simply not paying out to players in an attempt to keep their money and scam their users? Many players have listed similar complaints about Golden Tiger Casino, so it must be more than a simple bug experienced by one player. We took a look into the complaints about Golden Tiger Casino to see if this is truly a red flag or simply extreme playthrough requirements that are frustrating players.

Scams and difficult terms and conditions are always something you should be careful to look out for when searching for an online casino to call your home. Many casinos can draw you in with their promise of an exciting welcome bonus and then leave you scrambling when they refuse to pay out. Even if the issues of not paying out by this casino are simply due to their strict wagering and playthrough requirements, it could be beneficial to take your business elsewhere.

Complaints About Golden Tiger Casino Withdrawals

One of the biggest complaints about Golden Tiger Casino that players have brought up is the issue of their three day payout process. The casino takes three days to process your request to withdraw your funds and put it into your bank account. This is a long process already for an online casino as most will either be instant or take 1-2 business days. Golden Tiger is not paying out until the three days are up, and they have fully processed your request.

The real problem with this three day process, and something that has netted Golden Tiger Casino the most complaints, is that during this period, is that you're still able to use your money to place bets. This is really dangerous as it promotes the continued use of your funds for betting and gambling, but will take a long time to fully withdraw your funds. Not paying out but continuing to offer up your money for bets fully engulfs you in the draw that is gambling without hope of winning.

Some players have brought up the issue of losing their deposit bonus simply because they started winning with it. It seems as though complaints about Golden Tiger Casino have noticed that the welcome bonus - a deposit match - is only applicable when you're not making money back off their promotion. We were unable to confirm the truth of this, but multiple players have mentioned the casino not paying out simply because they "weren't losing enough." Regardless of the validity of their complaints, it's worrisome that many players are listing similar complaints against Golden Tiger Casino.

Excuses seem to be the name of the game when it comes to complaints about Golden Tiger Casino. Many players say they have contacted their support team in an effort to re-establish their start up bonus and VIP points which were seemingly withheld once they started earning more and were met with nothing but complaints. No answers as to why the bonus stopped being applied or why their funds weren't accessible, simply references to the player's play history.

Issues with Their Bonuses

After looking through the terms and conditions of the Golden Tiger Casino, it seems complaints tend not to be registered about their requirements. The playthrough requirement and wagering minimum are rather average for an online casino. This begs the question then, why is the casino not paying out the winnings that players are earning? Many players have claimed they were met with the idea that the funds were still listed as "bonus funds" which are not subject to withdrawal. golden tiger casino + complaints

Only cash is eligible for withdrawal and perhaps the accounts are listing bonus funds in their earnings, causing players to be confused when their complaints against Golden Tiger Casino are met with no response. However, even if this is the case, it promotes a system that rewards loss and punishes winning. It falls back to the complaints about Golden Tiger Casino restricting bonus wages to players who are winning and goes to show that this might be their business model.

If this is the case, then this casino has shown that they don't care about their players as the successful ones are pushed to the side for those who often lose to take their spot. Any online casino who puts the spotlight on losing isn't a good one to call your next online home. If this isn't the case, then there is an issue with the Golden Tiger programming that hasn't been addressed thoroughly for years. They also seem to ignore their players' complaints.

Same Issues with Other Gambling Establishments

We'd be lying to say that Golden Tiger is an isolated example of the plain disregard for a player's well-being and not paying out. Many online casinos have a business model similar to that of Golden Tiger that either promotes losing or has simply been caught not paying out with no excuse as to why. It's important to read reviews about the inner workings of every casino you look into in order to avoid being caught in their trap of a bonus offer.

Player reviews are one of the best ways to find out if a casino is true to what they're offering, or if they simply are attempting to take your money without hopes of getting anything out of the bonus. The players who have experienced the bonus are the ones with the best insight on the validity of the casino's claims. Oftentimes, alongside their complaints, you'll find a casino response that can give you some deeper insight into whether or not the complaints are true.

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Any casino with extreme playthrough requirements or issues with paying out to players should be looked at more thoroughly. It's fair to assume that every casino is attempting to stack the odds in their favor, so they don't lose money on players, but some casinos make it nearly impossible to benefit while using their services.

Finding a Trusted Gambling Site for You

There are hundreds of online casinos, most of them are fair play certified and care about the player. Just because the first one you stumble across is ridden with scams and complaints, doesn't mean you won't find the perfect online casino for you. Dive deep into the bonuses the casinos offer and always remember to check out the terms and conditions that accompany each bonus.

If there's an issue with the bonus, you'll find it in the terms and conditions. Compare and contrast the requirements listed to know if you're looking at a good bonus or not. Read reviews of players who have used their services as they're the ones who have experienced the casino. The right casino is out there for you.